2022 Report to the Community

Murray PHN is pleased to present its seventh Report to the Community, which this year examines our wide-ranging activity in primary healthcare, including workforce challenges and innovative projects to increase the mental health and resilience of people living in aged care homes, and in our 2019-20 bushfire affected areas.

Continuing challenges have included the impact of recent flood events, the ongoing COVID pandemic, emerging viruses and the workforce fatigue and staff burnout being experienced by regional health practices. Patients have also delayed preventative healthcare during the pandemic, with around 80 per cent of eligible people in our region now overdue for vital bowel, breast or cervical cancer screening.

While recognising our challenging times, the report demonstrates how we aim to work together with our partners in the community to deliver the changes needed to foster good health and wellbeing and prevent avoidable diseases. We thank all of our partners, health services and staff for their ongoing dedication and commitment.

We hope that you will enjoy learning more about the work of Murray PHN and our partners.

To read the full report, click here.