Advisory Councils

Murray PHN is pleased to welcome the newly appointed members of our 2018-2020 Clinical and Community Advisory Councils, who will support us in our work for the next two years. We are delighted to have both new and returning council members, with an inspiring mix of skills, experience and ideas.

Our Clinical Advisory Council, which covers the entire Murray PHN region, has 13 members drawn from general practice, regional hospitals and health services, clinical specialists and allied health practitioners.  Members are regionally based – Central Victoria (CV), North West Victoria (NW), Goulburn Valley (GV) and North East Victoria (NE). For more information about our new Clinical Advisory Council click here.

Our Community Advisory Councils are again based in our four centres– Mildura (NW) , Bendigo (CV), Shepparton (GV) and Albury (NE). For more information about our new Community Advisory Councils click here.

These five councils join the existing Indigenous Health Advisory Council and our Population Health Advisory council, which all play an important role in helping us work towards better health outcomes for people in our catchment.

Last updated 27 August 2018.