Community Advisory Councils

The four-regional community advisory councils will provide Murray PHN's Board with locally relevant perspectives, in addition to recommendations, on local needs and potential innovations that address health priorities. They will work collaboratively with the population health planning council and clinical advisory council to achieve this.

Members of the community advisory councils will have strong networks, whether it be in, or with clubs, groups, associations, societies and/or personal and professional networks. Members will engage with as many people as possible, to discuss their council's health priorities, record the information and feed it back through council discussions to Murray PHN. This process will help to build members understanding of local health and wellness issues, while working to achieve effective, sustainable and cost-effective health outcomes for their local community.

Members will be based in one of our four regions (Central Victoria, Goulburn Valley, North East and North West Victoria). There are seven members in each council, including a Chair per regional council.