Corporate Documents

Corporate documents

Key Documents

PHNs have been established with the key objectives of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of medical services for patients, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes, and improving coordination of care to ensure patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

Murray PHN Constitution
Murray PHN Financial Report 2018
Murray PHN Board Charter and Code of Conduct 2019

Report to the Community

During the past 12 months, our work has included commissioning new models of care, exploring and developing the concept of Integrated Health Networks, expanding eReferral and evolving PHN Exchange.

Murray PHN 2019 Report to the Community

Strategic Plan

Our second three-year strategic plan explains our goals and focus, and how we aim to make a difference to our community through better health, better care and better systems.

Murray PHN Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Needs Assessment

We are pleased to publish update to our fourth regional Murray PHN 2018-2022 Needs Assessment: November 2019 building on the evidence presented in our 2017/2018 Needs Assessment.

A key role of Murray PHN is to identify and analyse health and service needs within our region and prioritise activity to address those needs. By identifying these priorities, we can use funding to commission services that support health service delivery, access, equity and management of health conditions efficiently and effectively across primary health care for patients in our region.

The region’s major health needs and priorities have not changed substantially in the intervening year, but this Needs Assessment lifts our ability to identify priority work that can improve health outcomes across our community.

Activity Work Plans

The development of annual Activity Work Plans are a deliverable under Murray PHNs funding agreements. Our Activity Work Plans for the below areas have been approved by the Australian Government Department of Health. New Activity Work Plans are drafted and awaiting approval.

PHN Core Funding | Activity Work Plan 2016-2018
PHN After Hours Funding | Activity Work Plan 2016 - 2018
PHN Drug and Alcohol Treatment | Activity Work Plan 2016-2019
PHN Integrated Team Care Funding | Activity Work Plan 2016-2018
PHN Primary Mental Health Care Funding | Activity Work Plan 2016-2019

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