Vision and Values

Our Vision

Healthy regional communities with timely access to the primary care they need.

Our vision is our ultimate aspiration. It articulates what all our efforts are working towards. For us, this is about all people in our catchment being healthy and well and having access to high-quality primary health care which meets their needs and prevents disease.

Our Purpose

We strengthen primary health care to keep people well and out of hospital

Our purpose communicates, at a high level, where we will focus our efforts to achieve our vision. We strengthen primary health care through integration, coordination and capacity building. Working in partnership is at the heart of our purpose; we cannot and do not want to work in isolation – it simply won’t be effective or impactful. By increasing access to high-quality, culturally responsive and sustainable primary health care services, we support our communities to manage and improve their health and wellbeing so that fewer people need to seek acute health care and more care can be provided closer to home.

Our Values

Murray PHN's activities are guided by the organisation's core values. Employees are encouraged to consider these values and their application in all areas of their work, both individually or as part of a team.

  • Leadership -  We commit to lead effective change in primary health care
  • Collaboration -  We build enduring relationships that lead to better health
  • Respect - We value the voices and participation of every individual and respect the knowledge and wisdom our communities hold about their health needs
  • Innovation -  We foster new and better ways to improve health outcomes
  • Accountability -  We are accountable to our communities, partners, funders and each other

Our Role

Our role is to hear, understand, and address the health needs of our communities by engaging key partners to deliver targeted actions that:

  • increase the efficiency and effectiveness of health services for patients, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes.
  • improve the coordination of care to ensure patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

Our Results

Our results will be achieved by redesigning healthcare systems and redeveloping models of care across the Murray PHN catchment through transparent planning, ongoing engagement, collaboration where and whenever possible, and resource allocation based on strong evaluation and evidence.

We will be accountable to our funding organisations, communities, and partners through good governance practice, regular and accurate reporting, quality staff expertise and by actively building a highly reputable, respected and valued organisation.