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Releasing our 2022 Report to the Community

Murray PHN is pleased to present its seventh Report to the Community, which this year examines our wide-ranging activity in primary healthcare, including workforce challenges and innovative projects to increase the mental health and resilience of people living in aged care homes, and in our 2019-20 bushfire affected areas. Continuing challenges have included the impact of recent flood events,…
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New project addresses palliative care needs across region

Death remains a taboo topic and is surrounded by fear, denial and removed or sterilised from discussion on a daily basis1. Australians are living longer due to advances in medical technology, but are still dying in their least preferred places; most at hospitals (54%), residential care (32%), with only few (14%) dying comfortably at home2.…
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Information and support for former Mildura Tristar patients

Accessing information and support in Mildura A dedicated and short-term helpline was established on Wednesday 7 September to assist former Tristar Mildura patients with care advice and information. The Mildura Helpline is now closed. People can continue to seek advice from the 24/7 Nurse on Call service by calling 1300 60 60 24. Local general…
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COVID-19 vaccination campaign launched

COVID-19 vaccination is a personal choice and Murray PHN believes there are many reasons to choose to vaccinate. So recently, we began our “It starts with you” campaign. Choosing to vaccinate protects you, and the people who are important to you. It also contributes to the community effort that will have us enjoying the things…
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