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Don’t wait vaccinate – for protection against the flu

Make sure you're protected this flu season The flu is five times worse than it was this time last year and has already claimed the lives of 26 people, including three children. Vaccination provides the best protection against flu. For groups at increased risk, the vaccination is free. These groups are: • All Aboriginal and…
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Health Voices Survey Results | April 2019

What we heard about health navigators in April 2019 Many people find it difficult to access the health system due to its complexity. It's a system with multiple moving parts, including intricate funding models, patients with complex, chronic and diverse needs, and numerous interventions and treatment options. We were interested in hearing Health Voices thoughts…
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Measuring the health of our region

Each year, we review the health and primary care service needs specific to our region. This includes review of qualitative and quantitative data, and engaging and consulting with a number of partners, including community, to form an outlook of our region and work towards better health, better care and better systems. Undergoing the process annually ensures timely identification and…
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Cardiology pathways now localised

A suite of 50 cardiology pathways have been localised to our region, covering 18 topics. The pathways incorporate new guidelines, particularly for cardiac failure and atrial fibrillation. Murray PHN would like to thank the clinical working group members below, who have spent over 12 months finalising the cardiology pathways: Dr Voltaire Nadurata, Cardiologist Bendigo Health…
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New psychosocial support services

Murray PHN will soon be starting work to commission new psychosocial support services through the National Psychosocial Support measure (NPSM) to assist individuals with a severe mental illness who need non-clinical community-based support to regain wellbeing. These services are intended for people who are not better suited to support from the National Disability Insurance Scheme and are not clients of existing Commonwealth…
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Free professional development subscription for GPs, nurses and allied health professionals

Free professional development subscription  Murray PHN is offering GPs, nurses and allied health professionals with AHPRA registration in our region, a free subscription to Armchair Medical TV (worth $360+) to continue their professional development training. Armchair Medical TV allows health professionals to stream more than 4,000 lectures on a phone, tablet, computer or chromecast-enabled TV. An example…
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Health Voices Survey Results | September 2018

What we heard about cancer screening in September 2018 Cancer screening is an important way to identify early, the onset of many cancers. Across the Murray PHN catchment we know that only 63.9% of eligible people participated in cervical screening, 57.3% in breast screening and 41.9% in bowel screening during 2010-2014. These rates are even…
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Health Voices Survey Results | June 2018

What we heard about mental health in June 2018 It's estimated that of our population (644,457 ) almost 20 per cent (or 126,314 people aged 18-85 years) will experience mental ill-health. Health Voices who had an interest or experience of the mental health system, were recently asked about  activities and services, including: Aboriginal and Torres…
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Health Voices Survey Results | April 2018

Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases affect more than 40,000 people, cause more than 4,000 avoidable hospital admissions and 200 avoidable deaths in our region each year. Top five services that people use to manage their chronic disease While most people used their GP to help them manage their chronic disease, people also used a number of…
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