Bendigo Priority Primary Care Centre reaches milestone

Bendigo Priority Primary Care Centre (PPCC) reached its 500-patient milestone last weekend. The PPCC is operated by Bendigo Primary Care Centre in partnership with Bendigo Health, which is referring about 15 patients from its emergency department each day the centre is open.

Located near hospitals, PPCCs provide an alternate and accessible option for people who can’t see their regular GP but don’t need to go to hospital emergency.

Bendigo PCCC is one of four in the Murray PHN region, with others in Mildura, Wodonga and Shepparton. Collectively, these PPCCs have now assisted more than 8000 patients for conditions such as respiratory diseases, lacerations and rashes.

The Bendigo Primary Priority Care Centre is located at 123 Arnold Street and is currently open 10am to 6pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. To check if it is appropriate to attend the PPCC, people can call 03 5445 5690 on opening days.

Patients experiencing an emergency or life-threatening condition should call an ambulance or, if able, head straight to a hospital emergency department. 

To learn more about PPCCs, click here to visit our webpage.


Page last updated 10 August 2023

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