Business Resilience Program

Strategies for building resilience are ongoing challenges for general practices and other private primary health providers, often exacerbated in changing environments brought on by pandemics, regulatory changes and workforce availability.

Murray PHN is committed to supporting practices across the catchment to build their business viability through the establishment of the Business Resilience Program; 'Insight, Learn, Develop'.

The Program is open to all practice staff and launched in April 2021 to provide opportunities for general practices to build on their business and develop as high performing practices.

One-on-one consultation/s

Murray PHN has appointed Larter Consulting to provide general practices located in the Murray PHN region with the opportunity to participate in a 1:1 business consultation/s to address one or more of the following key themes:

  1. practice funding models
  2. preparing for accreditation/reaccreditation
  3. understanding the practice incentive programs (SIP/PIP/WIP)
  4. staff recruitment/retention strategies
  5. use of digital technology
  6. pandemic response and change management
  7. Medicare Benefits Schedule
  8. mentoring support on driving strategy and innovation with an exhausted and diminishing workforce
  9. Emergency response management/business continuity.

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Small group learning program

Murray PHN engaged Medical Business Services to work with practices in the Murray PHN region to develop, consolidate and elevate management skills.

The Practice Management Small Group Learning Program provided participants with the opportunity to access self-paced learning modules, be a part of a small group learning environment and receive mentoring on practice specific issues. Once enrolled, registrants were provided access to the program for 1 year. Enrolments for the program have now closed.

Many of the education opportunities provided by Murray PHN can be incorporated into general practice Continuous Quality Improvement activities. If you would like support to explore and implement QI activities, please contact our Quality Improvement Consultants by emailing:

Webinar series

Murray PHN partnered with leading business consultants – Medical Business Services, Medicoach, Train IT Medical and Larter Consulting - to deliver webinars in 2021. These were:

  1. Setting the scene for business viability (21 April 2021): shared early learnings from the COVID vaccination rollout, and discussed the clinic domains that impact on practice viability including: infrastructure, staff, planning, communication and service innovation.
  2. Using digital technology to enhance business and health outcomes (6 May 2021): looked at how data and technology can streamline practice efficiencies and patient engagement, leading to better business and health outcomes.
  3. Improving business viability by changing roles and retaining staff (19 May 2021): explored how some practices were reconfiguring workforce roles to assist staff retention and how to attract additional revenue.

Contact details

If you would like more information, you can contact our workforce development team at:


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