Aged care finders


The aged care system is complex and some people find it more difficult than others to navigate and access the services they need.

Aged care finders will deliver intensive support to help clients with special needs, understand and access aged care and connect with other relevant supports in the community through:

  • undertaking assertive outreach and building rapport
  • supporting clients to interact with My Aged Care so they can be screened for eligibility and referred for assessment
  • explaining and guiding clients through the assessment process
  • assisting clients to find the aged care supports and services they need and to connect with other relevant supports in the community
  • undertaking high level check-ins and providing follow-up support once services have commenced to make sure clients are still receiving services and needs are being met.

Next steps
Primary Health Networks across Australia are commissioning care finder programs, including the transition of existing Assistance with Care and Housing (ACH) providers from 1 January 2023. Murray PHN is completing a Needs Assessment and collecting information about current providers’ experience of caring for high intensity clients who require support to access relevant aged care and community services. This will look specifically at those people who face substantial isolation, homelessness or cultural barriers and marginalised groups who would need face-to-face help to connect to services of at least 15 hours per person, per year. This information will help determine current gaps and services and areas of greatest need.

Predicted timeline

  • Interviews and survey responses July-August 2022
  • Supplementary needs assessment July-August 2022
  • Tender opens 21 September 2022 and closes 10 October 2022
  • Service commencement from 1 January 2023

Murray PHN tenders are published on the web-based eProcure portal. Click here to register for free.





Page last updated 4 August 2022

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