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22/11/20 - Victoria moves to last step of the COVID plan

22/11/20 - Employers urged to keep workers safe this holiday season

19/11/20 - Victoria temporary border controls with South Australia

19/11/20 - All smiles as school dental vans back on the road

18/11/20 - Visit Victoria: experiencing the best at home

18/11/20 - $100 vouchers to support local NSW economy

18/11/20 - Australia hosts global summit on healthcare innovation

15/11/20 - Victorians urged to get STI check as we move to COVID normal

13/11/20 - Victorian pledge for Institute of Infectious Disease

12/11/20 - Putting the mental health of Victorians first

11/11/20 - Building Victoria's recovery workforce

11/11/20 - Mandatory customer check in for NSW venues

10/11/20 - COVID-19 support line extended and expanded

8/11/20 - Moving to the third-step in Victoria

7/11/20 - New wellbeing package for Victoria's health heroes

5/11/20Australia secures a further 50 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine

4/11/20 - NSW to reopen Victorian border

4/11/20 - Skilling for Recovery fee-free training in NSW

4/11/20 - More Coronavirus support for Aboriginal groups

4/11/20 - Hospitals continue to perform through the pandemic

1/11/20 - Record childhood vaccination rates through COVID-19

27/10/20 - NSW hits three million tests as community urged to remain vigilant

26/10/20 - Opening up Victoria

22/10/20 - Aboriginal Justice Forum Focuses On Covid-19 Recovery

21/10/20 - NSW religious gatherings and gym restrictions to ease

20/10/20 - Safely Connecting Multicultural Seniors During Coronavirus

19/10/20 - How Shepparton responded to the outbreak

19/10/20 - NSW COVID-19 restrictions eased

19/10/20 - Scholarships to support vulnerable students in NSW

19/10/20 - Blood glucose monitoring devices in COVID-19 accommodation

18/10/20 - Changes to Victoria's restrictions

15/10/20 - Supporting Victorians And Protecting Our Health System

14/10/20 - Caring for Mental and Physical Health during the pandemic

13/10/20 - 15 new mental health hubs to support Victorians during COVID-19

12/10/20 - Mental health at work during COVID-19

11/10/20 - Extra Testing Requirements As We Move To COVID Normal

9/10/20 - Supporting Aboriginal communities through coronavirus

9/10/20 - Extra face masks from local suppliers to beat coronavirus

8/9/20 - Delivering Food Relief For Victorian Local Communities

8/10/20 - Australian Government finalises COVID-19 vaccine agreement

8/10/20 - Stepping Up Targeted Testing For Regional Victoria

6/10/20 - Budget 20-21: Record investment under Australia’s COVID-19 pandemic plan

6/10/20 - Getting Victorians Ready To Travel Again

4/10/20 - NSW public service to lead office return

1/10/20 - Doubling Hardship Support For Victoria’s Most Vulnerable

1/10/20 - Staying Healthy And Covid Safe This Grass Pollen Season

30/9/20 - Additional protection for Victorian aged care services

30/9/20 - Surveillance Testing To Keep Our Victorian Community Safe

28/9/20 - Backing New Jobs For Young People in Victoria

27/9/20 - Easing Victorian restrictions

27/9/20 - Victoria on the right track

27/9/20 - Leave extended for aged care residents during COVID-19

26/9/20 - Martin Foley will become the Minister for the Coordination of Health and Human Services COVID-19

24/9/20 - Making Food Relief COVID Safe For Victorians In Need

23/9/20 - Australia Now Eligible to Purchase COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Through COVAX

22/9/20 - Agribusinesses Supported To Adapt To Pandemic Conditions

21/9/20 - Launch of NSW COVID safe summer plan

21/9/20 - New Jobs Back Aboriginal Workers And Communities

20/9/20 - NSW partners with Commonwealth to support workers on pandemic leave

20/9/20 - Investment In three new Australian COVID-19 vaccine research projects

17/9/20 - Border restrictions ease between NSW and Victoria

17/9/20 - Getting Our Victorian Kids Back To Kinder And Ready For School

16/9/20 - Safely Reopening Elective Surgery For Victorians

15/9/20 - Strengthening Our Health Response And Keeping People Safe

14/9/20 - Service NSW check-in app rolls out statewide

14/9/20 - Taking To The Footpaths: Getting Ready For Outdoor Dining

14/9/20 - 29.6 million telehealth services delivered

13/9/20 - Victoria On The Road Towards COVID Normal

13/9/20 - Supporting Victorian Businesses On Our Road To COVID Normal

12/9/20 - Keeping ourselves and our homes, COVID-safe

11/9/20 - More mental health support for Victorian students

11/9/20 - Hospitals ready and waiting to support all Victorians

11/9/20 - Australian-made nasal swab kits for COVID-19 testing

9/9/20 - Additional Commonwealth support to protect healthcare workers

9/9/20 - COVID-19 vaccine development

9/9/20 - Looking To The Sewers For Early Coronavirus Warning

7/9/20 - Australia secures onshore manufacturing agreements for two COVID-19 vaccines

7/9/20 - Extension of temporary relief for financially distressed businesses

6/9/20 - Initial Commonwealth response to Victorian Roadmap

4/9/20 - New Apprenticeships And Traineeships – Working For Victoria

4/9/20 - Further Certainty For Victorian Tenants And Landlords

4/9/20 - New rules to allow greater movement for NSW agriculture workers

4/9/20 - Letting Victorian Agriculture Workers Get On With The Job

3/9/20 - Funding Boost for COVID-19 Research

2/9/20 - Protecting The Progress We’ve Made In The Virus Fight

1/9/20 - Working Together To Open And Protect Regional Victoria

1/9/20 - Record Medicare Bulk-Billing Rates Through COVID-19

1/9/20 - Increased mobility on NSW VIC border

1/9/20 - Taking action: $950,000 for Youth Action Projects Grants

31/08/20 - Working Together To Re-Open Victoria – Safely

31/8/20 - First COVID-19 vaccine trial in Canberra underway

31/8/20 - Additional funding to reinforce Australia’s aged care sector

30/8/20 - Vaccinations Vital To Keep Victorian Children Safe

29/8/20 - Supporting Volunteers And Victorians Through The Pandemic

28/8/20 - Victorian border communities eligible for pandemic leave disaster payment

27/8/20 - Keeping Our Promises With Five More Orange Doors To Open

26/8/20 - Crucial Medical Research Joins Coronavirus Fight

26/8/20 - Online Wellbeing Support For Families

25/8/20 - Protecting Our Healthcare Heroes

24/8/20 - Keeping The Tools We Need To Continue Coronavirus Fight

24/8/20 - Getting Online To Celebrate Victoria’s Multiculturalism

24/8/20 - New Help For Victorians With Their Energy Bills

23/8/20 - Help For Victorian Farmers And Producers To Sell Online

22/8/20 - Staying Safe Is In Our Hands

22/8/20 - GP-led respiratory clinics continue to serve Australians

22/8/20 - Support for remote Indigenous communities at high risk from COVID-19

21/8/20 - Reinforcement of Australia's aged care sector

21/8/20 - Working Together To Protect Victorians With Disabilities

20/8/20 - COVID-19: New funding for clinical trials

20/8/20 - Further Support For LGBTIQ Victorians Facing Hardship

19/8/20 - New deal secures potential COVID-19 vaccine

18/8/20 - Permits for farmers and agricultural workers outside the border zone

18/8/20 - Victorians reminded to keep getting tested

18/8/20 - Improved border conditions for agriculture welcomed

17/8/20 - New ad targeting young Australians to how COVID-19 is spread

17/8/20 - New mental health clinics to support Victorians during COVID-19

17/8/20 - Regional Victorians urged to get tested

17/8/20 - Keeping family violence in sight during Coronavirus

17/8/20 - Beware of online scammers while staying at home

16/8/20 - State of Emergency extended to drive down virus

16/8/20 - PPE manufacturing to skyrocket in NSW

15/8/20 - Keeping Victoria safe – and together

14/8/20 - Minimising risk of COVID-19 transmission at religious gatherings

14/8/20 - Support for educators helping students start school

14/8/20 - Easier hospital access for NSW domestic violence victims

13/8/20 - Regional Victoria on alert with expanded testing push

13/8/20 - Working together with multicultural communities

13/8/20 - Online toolkit helping NSW businesses during COVID-19

12/8/20 - Moratorium on hotel quarantine fee for NSW residents returning from Victoria

12/8/20 - Mental health support for Victorian business owners and workers

10/8/20 - Stories from Coronavirus survivors

9/8/20 - Fast-tracked mental health support for Victorians

7/8/20 - Supporting Victorian students through the pandemic

7/8/20 - Free kinder for Victorian families through Coronavirus

6/8/20 - Further mental health support for Victorians during COVID-19 pandemic

6/8/20 - More support for people with severe mental illness during COVID-19 pandemic

5/8/20 - Mandatory hotel quarantine for residents returning from Victoria

5/8/20 - Strong start in the national response to Victorian aged care pandemic

5/8/20 - Surgeries on hold in Victorian regions to boost hospital capacity

5/8/20 - Childcare and kinder access for permitted Victorian workers

4/8/20 - Caring for families vital in Victorian aged care response

4/8/20 - Stay home: new crackdown on isolation breaches

3/8/20 - Backing Victoria’s next big medical breakthroughs

3/8/20 - Research boost to better understand and treat Coronavirus

3/8/20 - Supporting Aboriginal communities through Coronavirus

3/8/20 - Statement from the Victorian Premier on restrictions for business

2/8/20 - NSW health advice update on masks

2/8/20 - Statement on changes to regional restrictions in Victoria

2/8/20 - Statement on changes to Melbourne's restrictions

2/8/20 - Additional COVID-19 mental health support for people subjected to further restrictions

1/8/20 - Victoria’s health system rising to the pandemic challenge

30/7/20 - Statement from the premier (masks mandatory across Victoria)

29/7/20 - Greater virus protection for Victorian aged care workers

29/7/20 - New COVID-19 compliance rules for NSW gyms

29/7/20 - Going Door To Door To Fight This Deadly Virus

28/7/20 - Greater virus protection for aged care workers

28/7/20 - Homes For Homeless Victorians During Pandemic And Beyond

27/7/20 - Boost for first home buyers and the construction industry

26/7/20 - Supporting Victoria’s health workforce

25/7/20 - Establishing a Victorian Aged Care Response Centre

24/7/20 - Same-day doorknock for cases who don’t answer calls

24/7/20 - Supporting Victorian and NSW border communities

24/7/20 - Statement on Australia's strategic direction

24/7/20 - Additional COVID-19 restrictions in place for NSW

23/7/20 - Supporting Victorian workers to get tested and stay home

23/7/20 - Victorian not immune from the global COVID-19 economic downturn

20/7/20 - Face coverings and masks for metro schools

20/7/20 - Recommendations for the resumption of community sport

19/7/20 -Face coverings mandatory for Melbourne and Mitchell Shire

19/7/20 - Support for aged care residents and aged care workers across Victoria

19/7/20 - Restrictions tightened for entry to NSW from Victoria

19/7/20 - NSW sets new airport arrival limits

17/7/20 - Two million more face masks for Victorian aged care and disability workers

17/7/20 - New support for Victorian communities to stay connected

17/7/20 - Escalating the Coronavirus right in regional Victoria

17/7/20 - NSW COVID-19 restrictions to be tightened

17/7/20 - Two million more face masks for Victorian aged care and disability workers

16/7/20 - Victorian hospitals ready to fight Coronavirus

16/7/20 - Additional testing support for Victorian residential aged care services in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire

15/7/20 - Victorian Police cracking down on deliberate directive breaches

15/7/20 - Over 1 million people have completed the Australian Government’s Infection Control Training Module: How to protect yourself and the people you are caring for from infection with COVID-19

14/7/20 - State and territory governments have imposed a range of interstate travel restrictions that may affect your ability to cross a domestic border

14/7/20 - Coronavirus testing for elective surgery patients from metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire

14/7/20 - More Australian Defence Force personnel to join Victoria’s COVID-response

14/7/20 - NSW is introducing new rules for pubs that will limit group bookings to 10 people and cap the number of customers inside a venue to 300 people

14/7/20 - The NSW Government is providing funding to support temporary visa holders and specialist migrant and settlement services during COVID-19

13/7/20 - Face masks required for aged care workers in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire hotspots

13/7/20 - Supporting the mental health of young Victorians

12/7/20 - Australia's first COVID-19 treatment approved

12/7/20Return To Flexible And Remote Learning

12/7/20 - NSW to charge returned international travellers for hotel quarantine

10/7/20 - Face Masks To Help Fight Coronavirus In Victoria

10/7/20 - Keeping Local Communities Connected During Coronavirus

10/7/20 - More Survival Support For Victorian Businesses

10/7/20 - Regional Community Sport To Stay Non-Contact To Save Lives

10/7/20 - Continuous care with telehealth stage seven

9/7/20 - Stage 3 Restrictions For Flemington And North Melbourne Estates

9/7/20 - Temperature Checks To Be Introduced In Term 3

7/7/20 - Medicare bulk-billing rate remains high at 86.1 per cent

7/7/20 - Senior Australians urged to stay vigilant

7/7/20 - Melbourne and Mitchell Shire move back to stage-three restrictions

6/7/20 - Border closure to protect NSW

6/7/20 - Recommendations for managing of health risk as COVID-19 measures lift

2/7/20 - COVIDSafe app to be available in Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese

2/7/20 - Victorian announces a judicial inquiry into the hotel quarantine program

1/7/20 - NSW virus hotspot protections introduced as COVID-19 restrictions ease

30/6/20 - Victorian suburban postcode areas to return to stage three lockdown

28/6/20 - Victoria implementing mandatory testing for all returned travellers in hotel quarantine

26/6/20 - Statement on physical distancing, person density restrictions, risk management in small premises

26/6/20 - statement on the safe return of crowds to stadiums, arenas and large theatres

25/6/20 - Victorian suburban testing blitz

25/6/20 - PPE for GPs near the ski fields

25/6/20 - Mansfield District Hospital is operating the Mount Buller COVID-19 testing clinic daily through the Victorian ski season

24/6/20 - Victorians with cold and flu symptoms urged to get tested for COVID-19

24/6/20 - Training workers to keep Victorians safe

21/6/20 - Victorian State of Emergency extended to keep slowing the spread

21/6/20 - Children under five years of age reminded to get their free flu shots

19/6/20 - update to residential aged care facilities about minimising COVID-19 impacts

18/6/20 - The Loddon Mallee pandemic cluster plan launched

17/6/20 - The Australian Government is investing $550,000 over two years to support children and young people who have a parent or guardian with a mental illness

17/6/20 - statement on randomised trial of the use of dexamethasone

17/6/20 - statement on boarding school and school-based residential college risks

16/6/20 - Supporting Aboriginal Victorians through Coronavirus

16/6/20 - Funding to help NSW small businesses reopen after COVID-19

16/6/20 - $388 million funding for elective surgeries in NSW for patients whose surgery has been delayed due to COVID-19

15/6/20 - Australian Government to provide $1.5 billion in funding for priority projects

15/6/20 - Australian Government encouraging people who have recovered from COVID-19 to consider donating convalescent plasma

15/6/20 - Funding key services to protect older Victorians

14/6/20 - Victorian statewide targeted testing to track COVID-19

14/6/20 - Further easing of restrictions in Victoria from 22 June

14/6/20 - Further COVID-19 restrictions set to ease in NSW from 1 July

13/6/20 - Protecting Victorians from homelessness during COVID-19

12/6/20 - Respecting and protecting older Victorians

11/6/20 - Further restrictions to ease on Saturday in NSW

10/6/20 - Adult community sport to recommence in NSW

9/6/20 - Safe and secure housing for NSW domestic violence victims

9/6/20 - Housing support available for rough sleepers in NSW

9/6/20 - NSW Government launches COVID Check for businesses

6/6/20 - More health support for Victorian frontline workers

2/6/30 - $66 million for coronavirus-related research

2/6/20 - Supporting Victorian nurses and midwives in hospitals

2/6/20 - Gyms and kids sports to reopen across NSW

1/6/20- New COVID-19 restrictions in place across NSW

1/6/20 - Building Victorian farm business resilience for challenging times

31/5/20 - State of Emergency extended in Victoria to keep slowing the spread

30/5/20 - Principles for COVID-19 public transport operations

29/5/20 - Australian National Disease Surveillance Plan for COVID-19

29/5/20 - National Cabinet approved the 3-Step Framework for a COVIDSafe Australia

27/5/20 - Shepparton Respiratory Clinic opens

27/5/20 - Record flu vaccines in 2020 and an additional 2 million flu vaccines to be distributed to GPs and pharmacists throughout June

27/5/20 - Mental health first aid training for all medical students

27/5/20 - The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System has been granted a three-month extension, with the final report to be delivered in February 2021

26/5/20 - NSW Government is providing $12.8 million to support domestic violence during COVID-19

25/5/20 - $20 million in additional funding for research to improve mental health care and reduce suicide rates in Australia

24/5/20 - Further easing of restrictions in Victoria (stage 3)

24/5/20 - NSW beauty and nail services can recommence June 1

22/5/20 -NSW Government to open pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants to 50 patrons

22/5/20 - the restoration of elective surgery and hospital activity

20/5/20 - NSW holiday travel restrictions to be lifted from 1 June 2020

20/5/20 - Peer workers to boost NSW COVID-19 mental health response via 'warm line'

19/5/20 - Australians urged to stay vigilant as COVID-19 toll climbs to 100

19/5/20 - Victorian COVID-19 outbreak management and testing changes for clinicians

18/5/20 - The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care advised of new guidance on medicines management during the COVID-19 pandemic

18/5/20 - $8.6 million to improve NSW patients hospital experience

18/5/20 - Physical distancing on NSW transport key to a safe pathway back to work

17/5/20 - Support For LGBTIQ Victorians During Pandemic

17/5/20 - Victoria’s plan to reopen restaurants and cafes

15/5/20 - National Cabinet endorsed the Mental Health and Wellbeing Pandemic Plan

15/5/20 - New fleet for NSW Ambulance frontline

15/5/20 - Victoria has announced $19.5 million in funding for mental health

13/5/20 - New respiratory clinic opens in Wodonga

12/5/20 - Australia's first Deputy Chief Medical Officer appointed for mental health

12/5/20 - Victorian residential aged care facility testing update

11/5/20 - Victorian Government's gradual easing of restrictions from 12 May

11/5/20 - Victorian Government two week testing blitz results have been released

10/5/20 - NSW Government will ease some restrictions from 15 May

8/5/20 - Three-step plan launched to gradually remove baseline restrictions

3/5/20 -NSW Government deploys new 60 minute rapid testing kits

1/5/20 - NSW releases heat maps to identify number of active and recovered cases, testing rates by postcode

1/5/20 - NSW has increased the medical supply chain to stabilise stocks of personal protective equipment (PPE)

30/4/20 - Hotels For Heroes has been expanded to provide more Victorian frontline workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 with free accommodation 

30/4/20 - Coronavirus testing expands at shopping centres

27/4/20 - Victorian testing criteria has been updated to further expand the symptoms which may be included as part of an acute respiratory infection

27/4/20 - Victorian Government announced 100,000 people will be tested for coronavirus over the next two weeks

27/4/20 - Victorian Government announces medical stockpile is ready to be distributed

26/4/20 - COVIDSafe smartphone app released to slow the spread of coronavirus

24/4/20 - NSW testing criteria expanded to anyone who has COVID-19 related symptoms

24/4/20 - $73 million package to boost NSW mental health services and support

24/4/20 - Online and phone support services for people experiencing drug and alcohol problems to receive an additional $6 million

23/4/20 - A national system will record the availability of ICU beds and equipment, including ventilators, to be ready to respond in the event of future outbreaks

23/4/20 - $77.5 million to support some of Victoria’s most at-risk children

22/4/20 - new COVID-19 mental health support line launched for Senior Australians, their families and carers 

21/4/20 - Bendigo respiratory clinic opens

21/4/20 - Elective surgery restrictions to ease from 27 April

20/4/20 - An additional 28 telehealth items for specialists and allied health professionals have been added to the Medicare Benefits Schedule

20/4/20 - Victorian state-based modelling shows physical distancing requirements are working to slow the spread of coronavirus

19/4/20 - The Australian Government has secured three million additional doses of seasonal influenza vaccines, bringing the total number to 16.5 million

18/4/20 - NSW close contact definition for testing has been revised

18/4/20 - The Australian Government has received 58 million protective face masks

18/4/20 - National Cabinet agrees to release the Management and Operational Plan for COVID-19 for People with Disability

18/4/20 - NSW Government is investing $25 million in research and clinical trials

16/4/20 - Victorian Government is providing $1.9 billion to build more hospital bed capacity and recommission old buildings

14/4/20 - The Australian Government is providing a further $3 million to support frontline health workers with training and information

14/4/20 - Victorian testing criteria expanded to include people with consistent clinical symptoms 

14/4/20 - $59.4 million mental health package for Victoria

12/4/20 - The State of Emergency in Victoria extended until 11 May 2020

10/4/20 - $40.2 million in crisis accommodation and specialist services for Victorian's suffering or at risk of family violence

9/4/20 - Free Coronavirus Wellbeing Support Service

7/4/20 - Victoria’s first rural COVID-19 respiratory clinic begins in Mildura

7/4/20 - Theoretical modelling of how the health system can respond

7/4/20 - New access restrictions to keep vulnerable Victorians safe

7/4/20 - Victorian students to learn from home and VCE timelines revised

6/4/20 - legislative requirement that the new telehealth services must be bulk billed for Commonwealth concession card holders, children under 16 years old and patients who are more vulnerable to COVID-19. Twenty two new telehealth MBS items have been introduced for specialists

5/4/20 - new Victorian case definition and health worker guidelines, extended to include any person aged 65 years or older and people who work in public facing roles, such as police, firefighters and childcare workers

5/4/20 - hospital workers who test positive for coronavirus, and those that have had unanticipated and unprotected contact with a person suspected of having coronavirus, can receive free accommodation to self-isolate

4/4/20 - The National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce has launched ‘living guidelines’ on the clinical management of patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection across primary, acute and critical care settings

3/4/20 - The Department of Health has put in place a Special Arrangement that makes it easier for patients to access prescription medicines while self-isolating

2/4/20 - Funding up to 20,000 new online education places to enable Registered Nurses to develop knowledge to assist in the delivery of care in intensive care units

2/4/20 - Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package

2/4/20 - changes to allow Victorian pharmacists to deliver more flu and other vaccinations to young people

1/4/20 - New Victorian testing criteria, case definition and health worker guidelines updated

1/4/20 - New pandemic response sub-register to enables medical practitioners, nurses, midwives and pharmacists to return to practice

31/3/20 - new temporary measures to improve access to medicines (ePrescribing)

31/3/20 - new Australian Government partnership with private health sector secures 30,000 hospital beds and 105,000 nurses and staff, to help fight COVID-19 pandemic

30/2/20 - The Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration has cut made it easier for businesses to manufacture hand sanitiser

30/3/20 - new Victorian COVID-19 medical workforce register: health professionals are being called on to return to work. Expressions of interest also being sought from patient care assistants, assistants-in-nursing, and undergraduate students in health-related disciplines

30/3/20 - 'JobKeeper' wage subsidy for businesses to keep people employed

30/3/20 - All non-urgent public dental procedures across Victoria to be placed on hold for the next three months

30/3/20 - gatherings are restricted to no more than two people except for members of immediate households and for work or education

29/3/20 - new COVID-19 phone app released - check symptoms and get notified when urgent information and updates are published

29/3/20 - $1.1 billion for whole of population telehealth and additional mental health funding and resources made available

28/3/20 - All international arrivals to Australia will be transferred directly and securely via bus services to hotels and placed in quarantine for 14 days

26/3/20 - Pharmacists can now supply prescription medications without a prescription for one month in emergency circumstances (except for Schedule 8 medicines). Doctors prescribing Schedule 8 medicines for non-drug dependent patients will not be required to apply for a Schedule 8 treatment permit for the next six months, but instead check SafeScript.

26/3/20 - All Victorian doctors requesting COVID-19 testing must provide a patient mobile number on the pathology slip. GPs should also indicate on the form if the patient is a health or aged care worker in order to expedite their test result.

25/3/20 - announcement of the creation of a new National COVID-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC)

25/3/20 - To free up protective equipment and the medical workforce, from midnight tonight 23 March, elective surgeries will be cancelled except for category 1 and *urgent* category 2 cases 

25/3/20 - funding for registered nurses announced to undertake online education to enable them to re-enter the clinical workforce and assist with the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic

24/3/20 - Attendance numbers for weddings, funerals, fitness classes, beauty salons, arcades and play centres to be implemented from 11:59pm, 25 March. All states apart from ACT, NSW and Victoria are closing their borders, meaning anyone entering will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

23/3/20 - visitor restrictions to all Victorian hospitals from midnight 23 March. Patients only allowed two visitors at a time for no more than two hours a day, with some exemptions.

23/3/20 - new COVID-19 telehealth MBS items can now be claimed and have been updated to include services by obstetricians, midwives and nurse practitioners, with new short services for GPs and allied health

22/3/20 - National Cabinet agreed to move to more widespread restrictions on social gatherings (stage 1) from Midday 23 March

21/3/20 - New testing criteria (as of Saturday 21 March 2020) and advice on the use of ibuprofen, or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories

20/3/20 - medical practitioners seeking advice about COVID-19 (outside of testing and notification procedures) can now call 1300 651 160 and choose the ‘Specialist Medical Advice’ option. Subject to demand, you may be asked to leave a message for return phone call

20/3/20 - new risk mitigation measures for non-essential indoor gatherings of fewer than 100 people, including a density of no more than one person per four square metres of floor space

19/3/20 - From midday on Friday 20 March, medical practitioners seeking advice about COVID-19 (outside of testing and notification procedures) can call 1300 651 160 and choose the ‘Specialist Medical Advice’ option

19/3/20 - Restrictions on paracetamol, Ventolin, prescription medicines

18/3/20 - Australian Government has announced non-essential indoor gatherings of greater than 100 people (including staff) will no longer be permitted effective immediately. Aged care entry and travel restrictions also enacted.

16/3/20 - State of emergency declared in Victoria

15/3/20 - The Victorian Chief Health Officer on the appropriate use of pathology swabs for COVID-19 testing

13/3/2020 - New MBS item numbers available for GPs, specialists, nurses and mental health practitioners for telehealth consultations with COVID-19 affected or high-risk patients

12/3/2020Changes to Victorian notifiable conditions - All confirmed cases and any suspected cases of health care workers and residential aged care workers or residents must be notified