Running COVAX Clinics

Running COVAX Clinics

This webpage contains information and resources for COVID-19 vaccine providers for setting up and delivering COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

Key contacts

For questions regarding ordering, CVAS, dose allocations, and vaccine stock transfer please contact the Vaccine Operations Centre (VOC) via phone 1800 318 208 or email:

VOC opening hours

Monday - Thursday 9am – 6pm
Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm

Join the rollout

All general practices who administer the National Immunisation Program are eligible to apply, including practices that are in the process of being assessed for accreditation and non-accredited practices.

General practices must meet the Commonwealth Government Site requirements for COVID-19 vaccination clinics in order to submit an EOI and administer the vaccines.

Australian Government guidelines:

To submit an EOI please email for more information.

Running your clinic

Appointment booking systems

  • Appointment booking systems can be used to reduce administrative burden relating to patient vaccination bookings and collecting patient information.
  • Hot Doc COVID-19 Vaccine Hub for Practices, including FAQs
  • EVA (Easy Vaccine Access) Callback Service has been developed to help people who struggle to navigate vaccine booking systems - more information

VCF Connect

  • VCF Connect is the platform used to update your site's listing on the Vaccine Clinic Finder (VCF), including adding new vaccine types, changing contact details and opening hours, and enabling online bookings
  • All vaccinating sites were sent an email with a link to register for VCF Connect. If you are having trouble accessing the platform email, or call 1800 316 375

Clinic setup

MBS, PIP and other funding


Off-site clinics



Stock management

Stock reporting in CVAS

  • It is mandatory for vaccinating sites to complete delivery acceptance, stock management and vaccine wastage reports in the COVID-19 Vaccine Administrative System (CVAS)
  • These reports include number of doses administered, major or minor wastage, stock transfers and expiring stock
  • New orders will not be accepted until this report is complete
  • Guidance document

Transfer of vaccine stock

  • Primary care COVID-19 vaccine providers including general practices, CVCs, ACCHOs and pharmacies can transfer excess vaccine stock to another participating/approved site, as long as both sites agree to the transfer, cold chain integrity is maintained and the transfer is recorded in CVAS.
  • Contact practices in your geographic area to see if a transfer can be made locally. Refer to the list of primary care COVID-19 vaccine providers on the Murray PHN COVAX webpage to locate a site for the transfer – vaccination clinics by region. Email if assistance is required.
  • For more information about transfers between sites, click here.
  • For advice on cold chain management and use of coolers/eskys, see National vaccine storage guidelines resource collection "Strive for Five" - Australian Government
  • Refer to our FAQs page for more detail

Staying up-to-date


Vaccine safety updates


Vaccine information resources

Key patient resources

Shared decision-making guides for COVID-19 vaccination


Supports for people with a disability


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