Running COVAX Clinics

Running COVAX Clinics

This webpage contains information and resources for COVID-19 vaccine providers for setting up and delivering COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

Key contacts

For questions regarding ordering, CVAS, dose allocations, and vaccine stock transfer please contact the Vaccine Operations Centre (VOC) via phone 1800 318 208 (7am-10pm) or email:

Murray PHN webinar on "Vaccination Clinics: Practice expansion, sustainability and effectiveness – lessons learned" available to view here.

Running your clinic

Appointment booking systems

  • Appointment booking systems can be used to reduce administrative burden relating to patient vaccination bookings and collecting patient information.
  • Hot Doc COVID-19 Vaccine Hub for Practices, including FAQs
  • General practices without an online booking platform can use the Commonwealth Booking Platform (CBP) at no cost. The CBP is a COVID-19 vaccination booking system that is specifically designed for COVID-19 vaccines and complies with government requirements for accessibility, privacy and security. For more information visit the CBP website or email


Assertive outreach

  • Practices are encouraged to use assertive outreach strategies to make contact with people in priority groups including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to offer COVID-19 vaccination, including:
    • Searching patient databases to identify people based on key demographics and conditions. PenCS CAT recipes are available to assist with this identification - CAT recipes
    • Contacting the regional Disability Liaison Officer to develop an accessible access pathway for people with disability (contact information and flyers available further down this page).
    • Contacting local community groups and organisations to advertise vaccination clinics or offer a designated clinic time/day.
    • Offering a home-based vaccination
  • Practices can inform the public of which COVID-19 vaccines they are administering through social media and webpage promotions, and through direct patient communications.
  • Communicating about COVID-19 vaccines - TGA
  • Updated provider kit for general practice
  • Vaccine provider social media tiles
  • Murray PHN COVID-19 vaccination campaign is available here


Clinic setup

MBS, PIP and other funding


Off-site clinics



Planning for excess doses

Excess dose policy

  • The Commonwealth Government excess dose policy outlines strategies for preventing vaccine wastage including by keeping a waiting list and vaccinating general practice staff or other people in or around the site.

Transfer of vaccine stock

  • General practices can reduce their minimum Pfizer order to 60 doses/10 vials by request to
  • Primary care COVID-19 vaccine providers including general practices, CVCs, ACCHOs and pharmacies can transfer excess vaccine stock to another participating/approved site, as long as both sites agree to the transfer, cold chain integrity is maintained and the transfer is recorded in CVAS.
  • Contact practices in your geographic area to see if a transfer can be made locally. Refer to the list of primary care COVID-19 vaccine providers on the Murray PHN COVAX webpage to locate a site for the transfer – vaccination clinics by region. Email if assistance is required.
  • Call VOC 1800 318 208 to transfer excess stock to a State Vaccination Hub.
  • For more information about transfers between sites, click here.
  • For advice on cold chain management and use of coolers/eskys, see National vaccine storage guidelines resource collection "Strive for Five" - Australian Government
  • Refer to our FAQs page for more detail


Clinical resources

Vaccine information


Side effects and adverse events


Vaccinating during an outbreak

Staying up-to-date

Continuing vaccinations



Outbreak planning and practice management


Key patient resources


Shared decision-making guides for COVID-19 vaccination


Supports for people with a disability



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