COVID-19 vaccination campaign

Free vaccination campaigns for health services, organisations and community groups

Murray PHN has created a community engagement campaign to support health services, organisations and community groups to raise awareness of the importance of getting a COVID booster vaccination.

You are welcome to share the materials throughout your networks. It includes posters that you can print, press advertising and social media graphics.

Note: due to copyright restrictions, the Murray PHN logo must not be removed from any material.









You can also find and share some of these components on Murray PHN's social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Avoid double trouble this winter






Murray PHN has developed a free campaign to encourage people to get vaccinated against the flu and COVID-19. Health services, local organisations and community groups are invited to share the campaign, available free to download:

If you experience any issues, or would like more information, email

Resources in different languages

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Page last updated 13 April 2023