COVID-19 vaccination campaign

It starts with you: A free COVID-19 vaccination campaign for health services, organisations and community groups

Murray PHN has created a community engagement campaign to support health services, organisations and community groups to raise awareness of the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

The It starts with you campaign focuses on the choice to vaccinate - choosing to vaccinate protects you, protects the people important to you, and contributes to the community effort that will have us enjoying the things we all ‘want’ as soon as possible.

In addition to increasing the number of people getting vaccinated, the campaign aims to overcome barriers to vaccination through best practice communication and engagement, and increase the knowledge in the community so people know where to get vaccinated.

You are welcome to share this campaign throughout your networks. It includes posters that you can print, press advertising and social media graphics.

Note: due to copyright restrictions, the Murray PHN logo must not be removed from any material. If you’d like your brand to be included, please refer to the customisation section below.








Print components 








Digital components 

Social animation - example

Social static tile - example









Aged care components








First Nations components








Young people components

You can also find and share some of these components on Murray PHN's social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Customisation of campaign

Customisation of this campaign is available so you can include your logo and website URL with the artwork components. This customisation can be outsourced to our freelance graphic designer at a small cost. Please click here to download a pdf presentation with further information.

If you experience any issues, or would like more information, email

Resources in different languages

If you have a specific need in your community for the It starts with you campaign to be translated into a different language, please contact us to discuss.

Click here for a collection of COVID-19 resources in different languages.

Page last updated 30 August 2021