Health Needs Assessment

Help us improve the local health care system

Murray PHN works to identify the health needs and health gaps in our communities, across 22 local government areas from Mildura down to Woodend, across to Seymour and up to Albury.

The information we hear and the data we collect are updated annually in our three-year Health Needs Assessment. The Health Needs Assessment is an important body of work that guides our funding decisions. This document is also available to other health services and government agencies to use. Click here to view our current 2018-2022 Needs Assessment.

As 2021 marks a brand-new Health Needs Assessment, Murray PHN engaged a public health epidemiologist, Associate Professor Priscilla Robinson to undertake a comprehensive analyses of relevant data and report on her findings - click here to hear from Priscilla.

Because data can only tell us so much, consultants Sue Gold and Tammy Atkins from It’s on Purpose also led conversations with community members and health professionals.

Only by having a comprehensive view of health, can we work towards making the local primary health care system as effective, efficient and equitable as possible.

Our 2022-2025 Health Needs Assessment is being collated for release later in 2021. To receive updates, click here to subscribe to our eNewsletter.