Health Voices Survey Results | March 2020

Through the summer of 2019-2020, our communities experienced extreme weather events from bushfires to floods. What was apparent throughout this devastating time however, was the opportunity for digital health solutions.

To find more effective ways to work with communities and make it easier for health professionals to support us in a crisis situation, our Community Advisory Council members held conversations with their networks about their emergency health plans and whether My Health Record was part of this planning.

Having conversations based around the recent fires and holiday season was a great thought provoker.

People were quick to admit that when they thought of essential items, legal documents and sentimental keepsakes came to mind more than their health.

Responses from the survey revealed that people had no opposition to using My Health Record. In fact, people felt that technology and online document sharing is inevitable and therefore, are more open to using digital systems, including telehealth, My Emergency Doctor and SafeScript.

To read the full feedback and to access an emergency health plan checklist template click here.

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