Coronavirus advice

Coronavirus advice

For the latest information on coronavirus (COVID-19) we recommend that you check the Australian Government Department of Health subscribe to the Victorian Chief Health Officer alerts and advisories, or NSW Health Infectious Diseases alerts.

While there are low numbers of confirmed cases across Australia, it's important that health professionals are able to determine whether a patient is a suspected case and if further testing is required.

Helpline advice

  • Victorian doctors who are reporting a potential case should call 1300 651 160 for further advice. NSW doctors can call 1300 066 055.
  • Any concerned member of the public can call the Coronavirus hotline for information and discuss further actions on 1800 675 398.

People suspected to have coronavirus must follow the isolation requirements:

  • if you have travelled to Hubei Province, you must isolate yourself until 14 days have elapsed after leaving Hubei Province
  • if you have left, or transited through, mainland China on or after 1 February 2020 you must isolate yourself until 14 days after leaving China
  • if you have been in close contact with a confirmed case of novel coronavirus, you must isolate yourself for 14 days after last contact with the confirmed case
  • these requirements apply to students attending childcare, school or higher education.

Masks for general practice

Murray PHN received an allocation of surgical and P2 masks from the Commonwealth Department of Health and State Department of Health and Human Services. The masks have been offered and distributed to general practices. Masks need to be used in line with the Department of Health 2019 Novel Coronavirus guidelines below.

If, after this delivery, your general practice has no local supply available, or your practice has a patient population which may be more likely to have been exposed to the novel coronavirus and/or have unusual numbers of patients presenting with respiratory symptoms, please use this form or speak to your local Primary Care Consultant to request additional surgical masks.

For more information and resources

Australia Government - Department of Health

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The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Page last updated 14 February 2020.