My Health Record

My Health Record

From medical histories to the latest blood test results, from diagnostic imaging reports to advanced care plans, more vital health information is now securely stored in people's My Health Records. As at June 2021, more than 21 million records now have data in them.

My Health Record can help to reduce time gathering information and avoid the duplication of services or adverse drug events, as well as enhance patient self-management and improve patient outcomes.

To learn more about the benefits of using My Health Record in clinical practice, watch the video below featuring local Bendigo psychiatrist, Doug Bromeley.

If you would like assistance with using or registering for My Health Record, contact Murray PHN's digital health team at

The My Health Record website has information for healthcare professionals on how to register and set-up your practice to the system, how to view and upload information, how to support consumers with questions about privacy and security and a range of tools and training modules. Visit to learn more.


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  • Murray PHN would like to thank South Eastern Melbourne PHN for sharing their My Health Record resources.



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