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HealthPathways is a free web-based portal that was officially launched in the Murray PHN catchment in November 2016. It's available to be used by clinicians at the point of care, to access evidence-based, locally accessible patient pathways. More than 600 pathways have been localised for the Murray PHN region with input from more than 100 health professionals, including some of our region's best specialists and subject matter experts.

Below are some of our newest, largest and most popular suites of pathways:

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Clinical Editors


Quality patient care through connected services

Murray PHN’s vision is better health and wellbeing for our community through better care and better systems. One major investment that will work towards achieving this vision is Murray HealthPathways.

The HealthPathways process brings together local experts to research and agree on best practice care and localised referral options. Murray HealthPathways will use a localised, collaborative and structured approach to making decisions around coordinating patient care between acute and primary health services. It is a web-based portal that stores agreed evidenced-based, locally accessible patient pathways for a range of health conditions.

Murray PHN joins 40 other health services across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom that provide a localised HealthPathways site for their region.



Making local referral information available to health professionals enables patients to receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time. We know this is so important, especially within rural communities, to improve the standard of care and minimise variations in care.


Murray HealthPathways will give GPs and health professionals free access to hundreds of best practice clinical models of care and a growing list of detailed local referral pathways all in one spot. With ever-changing health systems and movement of practitioners, it is a challenge for GP practices to stay abreast of ever-changing referral options available to their patients.

The local 'health system'

HealthPathways should enable less demand on acute and residential care services, as patients are better managed in the community. It will help to minimise variations in treatment, and reduce unnecessary hospital visits across our region, where there are an estimated 71,500 potentially avoidable hospital bed days each year.

This video introduces how HealthPathways are developed.

Pathways is the product of a rich regional collaboration, with five partner hospitals joining us on clinical working groups.






Clinicians are invited to get involved with Murray PHN and Murray HealthPathways by:

  • Participating as a working group member in the development and review of pathways
  • Requesting an information session be delivered to your team
  • Suggesting a HealthPathways to be developed.

Current progress

See pathway progress development at any time, by visiting a live view of the Murray HealthPathways web portal. Click here to view.

New and updated pathways feature on the homepage of HealthPathways.

Suggest a Pathway

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Contact your local Murray HealthPathways team for more information, or to request access:

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t: 03 5441 7806

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