Mental Health Service in Rural and Remote Areas (MHSRRA)

What is MHSRRA?

Mental Health Services in Rural and Remote Areas (MHSRRA) is funded by the Department of Health. It is designed to help people experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems, who live in isolated areas where there is limited access to mental health services.

Target group

MHSRRA is for people with mild to moderate mental health conditions, who live in rural and remote areas. The program provides short to medium term, goal focused psychological therapies. MHSRRA also assists people who cannot access Medicare funded mental health programs, or who cannot afford to pay for counselling services.

Referral process

A mental health treatment plan is required to access this service. In most cases, this service is provided within a general practitioner clinic. In that case, the client may be able to make an appointment directly through the clinic's reception, or may be contacted by the clinician to arrange their first appointment. In some circumstances there may be a high demand for service.