Information and support for former Mildura Tristar patients

Accessing information and support in Mildura

A dedicated and short-term helpline was established on Wednesday 7 September to assist former Tristar Mildura patients with care advice and information. The Mildura Helpline is now closed.

People can continue to seek advice from the 24/7 Nurse on Call service by calling 1300 60 60 24.

Local general practice support

At the moment, many local general practices are at full capacity and cannot accept new patients, however some may offer to add patients to a wait list. To find a local general practice, go to:

Currently, two practices are able to provide appointments:

Kure Medical Group

  • 03 5021 1544
  • 22 Jamieson Avenue, Red Cliffs

Family Doctor

For local mental health support

Silverline Health Care

headspace Mildura (12-25 year olds)

Accessing medical records

Family Doctor has set up a system for the transfer of medical records. Click here and book a Transfer of medical records request. Please note that this is not an appointment - you will not be called at the time you have booked for a telehealth consultation. Once the clinic receives your booking in their system, they will action your medical record request. There is a small administrative fee for the transfer service which will be payable online at the time of booking.

HotDoc booking system support line: 1300 468 362

Frequently asked questions 

Click here to access answers to frequently asked questions (14 Oct).

Other available services


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