NASH PKI certificates

NASH PKI certificates

A National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate is issued by the Department of Human Services and is used to allow health care providers to securely access and share health information.

To maintain access to important digital health tools such as electronic prescribing and My Health Record, your organisation needs to ensure that your NASH PKI certificate is renewed.

Watch the video below to learn the steps to renew your NASH PKI certificate.

Medicare PKI certificates

Renewal of Medicare PKI certificated is a separate process to NASH PKI renewal and your organisation may likely need to follow the guidelines for Medicare PKI certificate transition.


How we can help

Our Digital Health Team can provide support and resources to assist practices to understand, download or review SHA-2 NASH PKI certificates. Email for support.

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Page last updated 8 September 2023