Murray Health Report on the importance of primary healthcare

Murray Health Report: the importance of primary healthcare

Given the importance of general practitioners to the health of local communities, it is not surprising that general practice and primary healthcare are seldom out of the news these days.

Keeping people healthy, well and out of hospital is the cornerstone of general practice, but in rural and regional areas like ours, GP clinics are finding it difficult to offer all the appointments that community members need.

Murray PHN’s 2023 Murray Health Report: The importance of primary healthcare, looks at some of the ways we are working with general practice and health services to support existing GPs and other primary healthcare clinicians in our regional and rural setting. At the same time, we are supporting the piloting of innovative solutions that can help attract – and retain – more clinicians to our region.

The Murray Health Report also looks at our work in understanding the needs of each of our GP catchments, to help prioritise the workforce needs from place to place. We also look at the paths to becoming a general practitioner, where in our region that training takes place, and how our complex health system is funded.

Click here to read the Murray Health Report.

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