New Murray HealthPathways website

The Murray HealthPathways team have adopted a new mobile-friendly HealthPathways platform, to ensure our users can access valuable pathway information no matter what device they’re using.

The platform incorporates all the same clinical guidance in a local context, but does so with a clean, contemporary design and added features to make accessing HealthPathways easier and better-suited to our users’ varying devices.

The responsive design means the content shifts and adjusts with the device being used, whether you are using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

More information on the changes:

  • The new look pathways site became the default for all users on 17 November 2020, except for users on older non-compatible devices, who will be redirected to the classic site.
  • Both the classic and new site contain the same pathways information.
  • Murray HealthPathways users may already be using the new site if they've clicked on the notification on the classic site.
  • All users received an email containing a new username and password to access the new site. A reminder email was sent again on 16 November - please check your junk, clutter or promotions email folders.
  • If your health service has automatic access activated, there will be no change to individuals who access the site from their work systems.
  • Users who prefer the classic site can click on the link 'View on classic HealthPathways' found at the bottom of the new site, until such time as all users have been migrated over to the new site.

If you require assistance with access or would like to contact the team with any feedback, please email to learn more about HealthPathways click here or request free access here.

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