Optimal Cancer Care Pathways

What are OCPs?

Optimal Care Pathways are national guides that describe the best possible cancer care for patients with specific types of cancer. The pathways describe the key stages in a patient’s cancer journey, from diagnosis to survivorship or end-of-life care, and the expected optimal care at each stage to ensure all people diagnosed with cancer get the best care, regardless of where they live or have cancer treatment.

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Why access cancer OCPs through HealthPathways?

HealthPathways translates recommendations within guidelines, such as the Optimal Care Pathways, to provide specific clinical advice and guidance that is localised, including service gaps and latest evidence. HealthPathways are supported by local referral pathways including specific health service referral information and related policies and guidelines. This provides GPs with an integrated and comprehensive resource at the point of care.

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Cancer-related pathways with OCP links

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I-PACED resources

The I-PACED (Implementing Pathways for Cancer Early Diagnosis) resources highlight recommendations in the OCPs and provide information about prevention, early detection, initial investigation and referral pathways. These resources were developed with an aim to assist GPs about critical primary care points and the recommended care that should be offered. Refer to the resource cards for:

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Page last updated 6 April 2021

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