CAT Plus

CAT Plus

Accurate and real-time data is pivotal to general practice. Data is a tool for learning and can drive process change across many levels including general practice level and improve patient health outcomes. As part of the broader Murray PHN population health and general practice engagement strategy, CAT Plus is available at no cost to all general practices in our catchment area.

CAT Plus is a data extraction and management tool for general practices and PHNs. It is a combination of these technologies that provides decision support tools to health providers (Topbar) extracts general practice data for practice analysis (CAT4  or Pen Cat) and aggregates general practice data for PHN service planning, reporting and population health needs (PAT CAT).

If you are interested in CAT Plus contact Murray PHN in one of the following locations:

Central Victoria - or  03 5441 7806

Goulburn Valley -  or  03 5831 5399

North East -  or  02 6041 0000

North West Victoria -  or  03 4040 4300

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