Hepatitis C Resources

Hepatitis C Resources

GPs (in discussion with a specialist) can now prescribe a number of newly PBS subsided medicines for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. High demand for these new medicines is anticipated with about 230,000 Australians currently living with hepatitis C.

The information on this page provides guidance when treating, managing and referring patients with hepatitis C.

Clinical resources


For patients


The Victorian PHN Alliance is the collective platform for the six PHNs in Victoria. The Alliance has been provided with a one-off grant for 2016/17 by the Victorian State Government Department of Health and Human Services to support the accelerated uptake of new hepatitis C drug treatments.

Murray PHN Hep C project contacts

  • Hep C Murray HealthPathways development | Dr Margi Gould, Clinical Editor and Sally Coates, Primary Care Coordinator
  • CPD coordination | Emma Healion, Workforce Development Coordinator
  • Project Coordinator | Aida Escall, Manager Primary Health Outcomes

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