Aim / Outcome

Murray PHN aims to achieve and maintain timely, age appropriate immunisation coverage rates of 90 per cent or higher in children less than seven years of age.

Murray PHN will provide support to maintain and improve these rates in collaboration with the dedication and commitment of immunisation and general practice teams in our region.

General Practice Resources

Cold Chain Management

Tips for cold chain management during holiday seasons

Before closing your clinic

  • Reduce orders to minimise the vaccine stock levels held in the fridge over the holiday period.
  • Check that the door is closed firmly and lock the fridge if possible.
  • Check that the power supply at the facility remains on.
  • Record the minimum and maximum temperatures at the end of the last working day.

Reopening your clinic

  • Record the minimum and maximum temperatures at the start of the first working day.
  • Check and download the data logger if available.
  • Report a breach to the Immunisation Section as soon as practicable.
  • Reorder stock for use over the coming one-month period if the fridge is in order.

Report a cold chain breach  (a temperature recording of less than 2ËšC or greater than 8ËšC for longer than 15 minutes)

  • Download and complete the cold chain breach form here.
  • Put a sign on the fridge "Do not use or discard vaccines until further notice".
  • Vaccine advice will be provided, or call the Immunisation Section on 1300 882 008.

Health Assessment/Checks

Continuing Professional Development

Nurse Immuniser Information
Pharmacist Immunisers
Murray PHN also offers education programs throughout the year. Click here for upcoming CPD events.

Other links

Local Government Immunisation Sessions


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