RACGP and ACRRM Fellowship Exam Preparation Resources

RACGP and ACRRM Fellowship Exam Preparation Resources

Murray PHN has assembled some great tips on preparing yourself for the RACGP and  ACRRM Fellowship exams.


General Practice Registrars Australia  Tips  

Dr MCQ  - is an online examination preparation tool developed by Sturt Fleurieu. It contains over 650 multiple choice questions prepared by Australian GPs, medical educators and examiners. Complete the quizzes under exam conditions or check your answers to each question as you go. Answers include explanations and links to further resources and readings. Be challenged by a new random set of questions each time you log in. Topic focussed quizzes also included training.sfet.com.au

RACGP Exam Support Online (ESO) Examination  -  approximately five weeks prior to the exam, all enrolled candidates receive an email containing relevant information regarding the ESO educational modules and two online practice exams. The online practice exams will be in the same format as for the actual online exams. A short video guide to the online exams is available  here.

gplearning  -  over 50 multiple choice questions are available in gplearning and many candidates find these useful as resources for exam revision. These include  Check and AFP Clinical Challenges.  They can be found with the search function located on the left hand side of the gplearning menu and then using a keyword search. To access the program and other learning activities  click here  and log in with your member account details. Technical assistance is available via the gplearning helpdesk  here  or 1800 284 789 between 8am-8pm EDT Monday to Friday.

Clinical Skills Scenarios DVD
Cases for GP educators and learners, The RACGP National Rural Faculty (NRF) offers preparatory DVDs for general practice registrars and other doctors in rural locations working toward their Fellowship of the RACGP. The DVD contains 14 cases covering a range of clinical scenarios common across a well identified range of rural contexts. Each scenario deals with a different type of presentation, from a farmer with a cough to a full blown arm laceration, as well as associated office based procedures. The DVD runs for approximately three hours. There is a PDF folder on the DVD which can be accessed via your PC's DVD drive, and contains additional notes about each case. Available from the National Rural Faculty for $50  here  or you can borrow a set. Contact Aida Escall via  email  or on 03 5441 7806.

Victoria Faculty Written Exam Preparation Workshop
Each year the Victoria faculty conducts workshops to assist candidates in their preparation for the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) and Key Feature Problem (KFP) components of the RACGP Fellowship Examinations.

GP exam support examples of cases that could be used for OSCE practice:  click here.

Tips for  KFP  and  AKT

We currently offer written and clinical exam preparation workshops. For more information contact Aida Escall via  email  or on 03 5441 7806.


ACRRM provides specialized support for candidates (assessment information, study groups, StAMPS mock exam) through their Assessment Support Programs. To access these sessions you need to enrol  here.


Doctors Speak Up - Communication and Language Skills for International Medical Graduates is an interactive learning resource to develop communication and language skills. The site includes videos on a range of cases (alcohol history, sexual history, depression, chronic pain) with activities designed to develop awareness and skills in areas of communication, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. To access  click here.


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