Telehealth is a generic term used for a video consultation between a patient, who may or may not be with their GP, or the GPs representative, and a specialist.

Benefits for patients include those that live in rural and remote areas who would otherwise travel long distances for specialist advice, patients who are not easily transportable and aged care residents. GPs also enjoy the interaction with peers and have the opportunity to learn from increased collaborative care.

There will be no changes to the rebates offered for telehealth items under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). Providers will continue to receive higher Medicare benefits for telehealth services. For more information visit the Medicare Australia website.

Telehealth support

There is a dedicated support service to assist general practice, specialist and allied health practitioners to:

  • Increase their knowledge of telehealth,
  • Develop readiness to implement telehealth, and
  • Support to implement video consultations

Our support is tailored to individual requirements and can include advice on:

  • Video conferencing software options
  • How to conduct a video consultation
  • Resources to organise and embed telehealth into an organisation
  • Where to access information on telehealth-ready health professionals
  • Advice and support with adopting video conferencing


Telehealth Ready Specialists

MBS Items for telehealth

What is the evidence for telehealth?

  • To review a range of evidence for telehealth in specific streams click here.

How to Make Telehealth Work: Defining Telehealth Processes & Procedures


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