Primary mental health frequently asked questions for clients and carers

With the reform of the primary mental health system and the implementation of stepped care from  1 March this year, there may be changes to the way you receive your mental health services in future.

This Commonwealth Government reform is aimed at providing the best possible care for people experiencing mental illness and to make that care available in a way that best suits individuals. It is also focussed on increasing care among underserviced people in Australia's priority health groups.

Stepped care gives people the opportunity to step their care up, or step it down, depending on their health needs. It provides access to a range of care options that may be appropriate from time to time.

Your primary mental health service provider may be impacted by this funding change, or they may not. If you are concerned about any possible impact on the continuity of your care, we would encourage you to speak with your provider as soon as possible.

Affected primary mental health service providers are now working on transition plans for each client, as necessary. Many service providers will continue to operate as before. So please contact your mental health provider or your GP if you have any concerns.

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