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Stage 2 of the new National Provider Connect Australia (PCA) rollout has commenced, enabling all healthcare providers to connect with their business partners and streamline updates of the services they provide and the practitioners that provide them. This has followed the successful completion of Stage 1 with the decommissioning of Vaccine Finder Connect after its transition of registrants to PCA.

To support Stage 2, resources on the Australian Digital Health Agency website have been updated and include:

What is Provider Connect Australia?

Provider Connect Australia is a single place to update your business information that reduces duplication and streamlines notifications. It maintains the accuracy of healthcare business information and practitioner contact details.

Australian Digital Health Agency CEO, Amanda Cattermole says: "By providing consistent, up to date information about healthcare services to funders, hospitals, health service directories, communications services and other key partners in healthcare delivery, Provider Connect Australia will ensure that providers and consumers have access to the information they need when they need it. This will lead to a more efficient, connected, and accessible healthcare system".

How PCA works for you - Impacts and benefits

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For any queries regarding help with PCA, please email the Agency helpdesk on or phone on 1300 901 001.

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