Second Murray Health Report out now

The aim of primary health care is to help people in our communities to be as healthy as they can be, with the resources to manage their own health – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

As we move towards living with COVID-19 in our communities, it’s vital that good aspects of health and wellbeing are maintained.

Murray PHN is pleased to publish the second edition of its Murray Health Report, which looks at the current health issues, challenges and opportunities for people in our 100,000 sq km region.

The data-driven report describes that people living in the region are likely to have a higher chance of having a chronic illness, such as diabetes, or heart or lung problems and mental ill-health – which in some places is diagnosed at twice the state average.

It looks at other risk, behaviour and social disadvantage factors, including the higher risk and frequency of environmental disasters such as bushfires, floods and storms, and the longer term social, emotional and financial impacts of those experiences – such as increased family violence - on communities.

The Murray Health Report also includes information on the importance of exercise on mental health, minimum physical activity guidelines across the ages, and tips for good health.

To hear our CEO Matt Jones introduce the Report and to read it, click here.

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