Healthdirect Australia recently announced the extension of both the GP COVID-19 Program and the healthdirect Video Call Service Pilot (Exemplar) Program until to 30 June 2024, providing free access to healthdirect Video Call service.

Although many different video conference systems are available, Murray PHN has partnered with Healthdirect to provide general practices in the Murray PHN region with free licensing to access the Healthdirect video call service platform.

While general practices are not obligated to use healthdirect Video Call, they must ensure that their chosen video consultation system meets clinical requirements and satisfies privacy laws.

What is healthdirect Video Call?

Healthdirect Video Call is a comprehensive, reliable and secure video conferencing service purpose-built for health consultations which follows national cyber security guidelines and safeguards privacy.

Accessed via the internet, it is available to consumers from their home, work or wherever is most convenient and that has a good internet connection, using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer - there are no software or application downloads necessary. (Click on the image to enlarge).

How healthdirect Video Call is different to other platforms

With no software downloads, healthdirect Video Call follows the applicable Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) for cyber security guidelines and safeguards privacy by leaving no digital footprint. While other video consultation platforms may store details of the call, including the call recording; healthdirect leaves no digital ‘trail’ or patient digital footprints behind on the platform as all patient data is purged from the platform database after the call.

Latest news and information

Healthdirect Video Call GP COVID-19 Program

Who is eligible to participate in the GP COVID-19 Video Call Program?
This program is for general practitioners working in private practice and/or Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs). The Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care has funded free licences for GPs to support the use of GP MBS Telehealth items for COVID-19.

What happens to GPs who transitioned from the Service Pilot (Exemplar) Program to the GP COVID-19 Program?
All GPs with licences under the PHN Video Call Service Pilot Program have been transitioned to the new GP COVID-19 Program and will have free licence access to Video Call until the program funding ends.

Healthdirect Video Call Service Pilot (Exemplar) Program for other health professionals

Will the healthdirect Video Call Service Pilot Program continue?
The current eligibility criteria for access to the Service Pilot Program provides Video Call licenses free of charge for use by non-GP type primary care services. These are classed as mental health, aged care, maternity, Indigenous health and allied health services, including:

The Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care is currently reviewing the eligibility criteria for the Service Pilot program and if there any changes to the eligibility, Healthdirect will communicate these to PHNs.

What technology sits behind healthdirect Video Call?

Healthdirect Video Call uses military-grade platform powered by Coviu, a spin-off from the CSIRO's Data61 digital innovation project.

Healthdirect Video Call is browser-based and can be accessed by clinicians and patients via Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge Chromium or Firefox on a Windows/Mac PC, smartphone or tablet. It works on low internet bandwidths — 3G/4G or ADSL is sufficient.

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How we can help

If you would like the Murray PHN's digital health team to set up your practice up with a free license, or you already have an existing license and would like a refresher on how to use Healthdirect to its full advantage, please email


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Page last updated 5 February 2024