Vaccine providers in Central Victoria

Vaccine providers in Central Victoria

Note: This page is updated monthly - last update 3 November 2022.

You can also use the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Finder to book a vaccination at a clinic near you.

General practices

LocationPractice NamePhoneAvailablevaccines
BendigoBendigo Medical Centre – Bridge Street03 5454 2300Influenza
BendigoBendigo Primary Care Centre03 5441 8622Influenza
BendigoCreek Street Medical Practice03 5442 5642Influenza
BendigoDon Street Medical03 5400 1122Influenza
BendigoGolden City Medical Clinic03 5441 4554Influenza
BendigoHargreaves St Medical Practice03 5454 3973Influenza
BendigoLucan St Medical03 4416 1044Influenza
BendigoSandhurst Medical Practice03 5448 0000Influenza
BendigoThe Bendigo Clinic03 5443 4888Influenza
BendigoThe GP Clinic Bendigo03 5409 2059Influenza
BirchipBirchip Medical Clinic03 5477 7105InfluenzaPfizerPaediatric Pfizer
BoortBoort District Medical Centre03 5451 5220InfluenzaPfizer
CastlemaineBotanical Gardens Health03 5472 1844Influenza
CastlemaineLyttleton Street Medical Clinic03 5472 3233Pfizer
CastlemaineMostyn Street Clinic03 5472 1255InfluenzaPfizerNovavax


Charlton Medical03 5477 6888Influenza


Ochre Health Medical Centre Cohuna03 5456 2609Influenza
DonaldDonald Family Clinic03 5497 1100InfluenzaPfizer
EaglehawkEaglehawk Medical Group03 5446 3499Influenza
EchucaDove Medical Centre03 4411 7855Influenza
EchucaEchuca Medical Centre03 5480 2685Influenza
EchucaEchuca Moama Family Medical Practice03 5480 6001InfluenzaPfizer
EchucaRich River Health Group03 5480 6700InfluenzaPfizerModernaPaediatric Pfizer
ElmoreElmore Primary Health03 5432 6001Influenza
Flora HillFlora Hill Medical Centre03 5442 1344Influenza
Flora HillSomerville Street Clinic03 4418 2671Influenza
HeathcoteHeathcote Primary Health03 5431 0888InfluenzaPfizer
HeathcoteMcIvor Medical Centre03 5433 3122InfluenzaPfizerModerna Bivalent
KenningtonLowndes Street Clinic03 5443 5117Influenza
KenningtonStrath Village Medical Centre03 5441 2018InfluenzaPfizer
KerangKerang Medical Clinic03 5450 8060InfluenzaPfizer
KerangNorthern District Community Health03 5452 1366Pfizer
KyabramKyabram Family Medicine03 5896 8000Influenza
KyabramKyabram Regional Clinic03 5852 1888InfluenzaPfizer
KyabramScope Medical Centre03 5853 1094Influenza
KynetonCampaspe Family Practice03 5422 2877InfluenzaPfizerModernaModerna Bivalent
KynetonKyneton Medical Centre03 5422 1397InfluenzaPfizerPaediatric Pfizer
KynetonSprings Medical Kyneton03 5422 1298InfluenzaPfizerPaediatric Pfizer
Maiden GullyMaiden Gully Medical Practice03 5441 0900Influenza
MaldonMaldon Medical Clinic03 5475 2366Influenza
MarongMarong Medical Practice – Marong03 5435 2266InfluenzaPfizer
Quarry HillBreen Street Medical Practice03 5444 0689InfluenzaPfizer
RochesterCampaspe Medical Centre03 5484 4480Influenza
RochesterRochester Medical Clinic03 5484 1304Influenza
RushworthRushworth Medical Clinic03 5856 1329InfluenzaPfizer
RushworthWaranga Medical Centre03 5851 8400Influenza


Spring Gully Primary Health03 5400 1310Influenza
StrathdaleStrathdale Medical Centre03 5443 7244InfluenzaPfizer
StrathfieldsayeMydoc Healthcare03 5439 5745InfluenzaPfizerPaediatric Pfizer
StrathfieldsayeStrathfieldsaye Primary Health03 5439 4442InfluenzaPfizer
WedderburnWedderburn Health Clinic03 5494 3511InfluenzaPfizer
White HillsWhite Hills Medical Practice03 5442 3761InfluenzaPfizer
WoodendBrooke Street Medical Centre03 5427 1002InfluenzaPfizerModerna BivalentPaediatric Pfizer
WoodendNew Aged Care Pty Ltd03 5427 2002Influenza
WycheproofWycheproof Medical Centre03 5493 7672InfluenzaPfizer


Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations

LocationNamePhoneAvailable vaccines
EchucaNjernda Aboriginal Corporation03 5480 6252PfizerPaediatric Pfizer



LocationPharmacy namePhoneAvailablevaccines


UFS Pharmacies Vaccination Clinic (Hargreaves Street)03 5442 0444Moderna BivalentModernaNovavaxPfizerPaediatric Pfizer
BendigoChemist Discount Centre Bendigo03 5443 5233Influenza
BendigoChemist Warehouse Bendigo03 5443 4988InfluenzaModernaModerna Bivalent
BendigoCura Pharmacy St John of God Private Hospital03 5434 3220Influenza
BendigoTerry White Chemmart Bendigo03 5442 5055InfluenzaModernaPfizer
BendigoPriceline Pharmacy Bendigo Marketplace03 5443 3319InfluenzaModerna
BendigoThe Arnold Street Pharmacy03 5443 4514InfluenzaPfizer
BoortBoort Community Pharmacy03 5455 2044InfluenzaModerna Bivalent
CastlemaineMackenzie Davey Amcal Pharmacy03 5472 1019InfluenzaModernaModerna BivalentPfizer
CastlemaineThomas and Chong Chemmart Pharmacy03 5472 1003InfluenzaModernaPfizer
CohunaTerryWhite Chemmart Cohuna03 5456 2223InfluenzaModernaPfizer
DunollyDunolly Pharmacy03 5468 1522Influenza
EaglehawkChemist Warehouse Eaglehawk03 5441 1255InfluenzaModerna Bivalent


Eaglehawk Pharmasave Pharmacy03 5446 1020Influenza
EaglehawkEaglehawk UFS Dispensary03 5446 8203InfluenzaModernaModerna BivalentPfizer
EchucaChemist Warehouse Echuca03 5482 1017Influenza
EchucaCoburn & Reid Pharmacy03 5480 6011Influenza
EchucaEchuca Amcal Pharmacy03 5482 6666InfluenzaModerna Bivalent
EchucaPharmaSave Rich River Pharmacy03 5482 3456InfluenzaModernaModerna Bivalent
EchucaPriceline Pharmacy Echuca Square03 5482 3777Influenza
EpsomChemist Warehouse Epsom Village03 5448 3799Influenza
Flora HillVanstans Pharmacy03 5443 3238InfluenzaModerna BivalentPfizerPaediatric Pfizer
Golden SquarePharmasave Golden Square03 5443 4764Influenza
HeathcoteHeathcote Pharmacy03 5433 2020InfluenzaModernaPfizer
InglewoodInglewood Pharmacy03 5438 3021InfluenzaModerna BivalentPfizer
Kangaroo FlatChemist Warehouse Kangaroo Flat03 5447 8426Influenza
Kangaroo FlatHealthworks Pharmacy03 5447 7483Influenza
Kangaroo FlatPharmasave Kangaroo Flat Pharmacy03 5447 0300Influenza
Kangaroo FlatPriceline Pharmacy Lansell Square03 5447 1499InfluenzaModernaNovavaxPfizerModerna Bivalent
KenningtonEmily Roberts Pharmacy03 5443 7427InfluenzaModernaModerna Bivalent
KerangTerry White Chemist Kerang03 5452 1010InfluenzaModernaModerna BivalentPfizer
KyabramIan Collie Pharmacy03 5852 1213Influenza
KyabramKerrs Amcal Pharmacy03 5852 1023Influenza
KynetonKennedy’s Amcal Pharmacy03 5422 1641InfluenzaModerna
KynetonTerry White Chemmart Kyneton03 5422 1660InfluenzaModerna
Maiden GullyUFS Pharmacies Maiden Gully03 5449 7149Influenza
MaldonMaldon Pharmacy03 5475 2102InfluenzaModernaModerna BivalentPfizerPaediatric Pfizer
MalmsburyMalmsbury Pharmacy03 5423 2226InfluenzaModerna BivalentNovavaxPfizer
RochesterRochester Chemmart Pharmacy03 5484 1025InfluenzaModerna Bivalent
StrathdaleStrathdale Pharmacy03 5442 3889InfluenzaModernaModerna BivalentPfizerPaediatric Pfizer
StrathfieldsayeUFS Pharmacy Strathfieldsaye03 5439 3513Influenza
WedderburnWedderburn Pharmacy03 5494 3309InfluenzaModerna
White HillsWhite Hills Pharmacy03 5442 4244InfluenzaModerna
WoodendTerryWhite Chemmart Woodend03 4417 7813InfluenzaModernaPfizer