Vaccine providers in North East Victoria

Vaccine providers in North East Victoria

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Commonwealth Vaccination Clinic

LocationPractice namePhoneAvailable vaccines
WodongaWodonga GPRC (Central Medical Group)02 6024 3233AstraZenecaPfizer


General practices

LocationPractice namePhoneAvailable vaccines
AlburyAlbury Central Medical Clinic02 6021 5555AstraZenecaPfizer
AlburyGardens Medical Group02 6021 3555AstraZenecaPfizer
AlburyiHealth Albury02 6014 3444AstraZenecaPfizer
AlburySarkon Medical Centre Albury02 6080 8442AstraZenecaPfizer
AlburyUmbrella Health Albury1300 862 735AstraZenecaPfizer
BarnawarthaIndigo Family Medical Centre02 6026 7333AstraZenecaPfizer
BenallaBenalla Church Street Surgery03 5762 1022AstraZenecaPfizer
BenallaBenalla Healthcare Centre03 5762 2803AstraZenecaPfizer
BenallaCarrier Street Clinic03 5762 4629AstraZenecaPfizer
BrightBright Medical Centre03 5750 1000AstraZenecaPfizer
CorryongCorryong Medical Centre02 6076 3290AstraZenecaPfizer
LavingtonLavington Doctors02 6040 7202AstraZenecaPfizer
LavingtonRehoboth Medical Centres02 6026 2658AstraZenecaPfizer
LavingtonThe Doctors at Lavington02 6057 7100AstraZenecaPfizer
Mount BeautyMount Beauty Medical Centre03 5754 3400AstraZenecaPfizer
MyrtlefordStandish Street Surgery03 5751 9900AstraZenecaPfizer
RutherglenRutherglen Medical Centre02 6033 6600AstraZenecaPfizer
TallangattaTallangatta Medical Centre02 6071 5270AstraZenecaPfizer
ThurgoonaGardens Medical Group @CSU02 6058 6110AstraZenecaPfizer
WalwaWalwa Medical Clinic02 6037 1222AstraZenecaPfizer
WangarattaDocker Street General Medical Centre03 5722 4887AstraZenecaPfizer
WangarattaEly Street Clinic03 5721 2141AstraZenecaPfizer
WangarattaGateway Health03 5723 2000AstraZenecaPfizer
WangarattaOvens Medical Group03 5721 2176AstraZenecaPfizer
WangarattaPhillipson Street Clinic03 5721 2167AstraZenecaPfizer
WangarattaWangaratta Medical Centre03 5722 1500AstraZenecaPfizer
WangarattaSouth Wangaratta Medical Centre03 5713 9299AstraZenecaPfizer
West AlburyTristar Medical Group – West Albury02 6021 4000AstraZeneca
WodongaAlbury Wodonga Family Medical Clinic02 6024 3588AstraZenecaPfizer
WodongaAlpha Medical Centre02 6056 6886AstraZenecaPfizer
WodongaElmwood Medical Centre02 6056 2011AstraZenecaPfizer
WodongaGateway Health03 5723 2000AstraZenecaPfizer
WodongaHospital Street Doctors02 6056 1166AstraZenecaPfizer
WodongaTristar Medical Group – Wodonga02 6067 2045AstraZeneca
WodongaWodonga West Medical Clinic02 6056 2447AstraZenecaPfizer
Wodonga WestUmbrella Health (Wodonga)02 6059 2700AstraZenecaPfizer


Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations

LocationNamePhoneAvailable vaccines
AlburyAlbury Wodonga Aboriginal Service02 6040 1200AstraZenecaPfizer



LocationPharmacy namePhoneAvailable vaccines
Albury – EastRamsay Pharmacy02 6023 5454AstraZenecaModerna
Albury – EastThurgoona Family Pharmacy02 6043 1444AstraZenecaModerna
Albury – NorthMate Street Pharmacy02 6025 1833AstraZenecaModerna
Albury – SouthAlbury City Pharmacy / Capital Chemist Albury Pty Ltd02 6021 6493AstraZenecaModerna
Albury – SouthAward Pharmacy Albury02 6023 3666AstraZenecaModerna
Albury – SouthBlooms The Chemist Albury02 6021 3255AstraZenecaModerna
BeechworthBeechworth Pharmacy02 6021 6493AstraZenecaModerna
BenallaJenny Milner Marsha Watson Pharmacy03 5762 1033AstraZenecaModerna
BenallaMessenger’s Pharmacy03 5762 7575AstraZenecaModerna
BenallaPriceline Pharmacy Benalla03 5762 2888AstraZenecaModerna
BrightBright Pharmacy03 5750 1122AstraZenecaModerna
LavingtonMayo’s Pharmacy Lavington02 6040 2204AstraZenecaModerna
LavingtonTerryWhite Chemmart – Lavington02 6025 4733AstraZenecaModerna
MansfieldEisner’s Pharmacy03 5775 2028AstraZenecaModerna
MansfieldMansfield Pharmacy-Cathy Henry03 5775 1311AstraZenecaModerna
Mount BeautyMount Beauty Pharmacy03 5754 4224AstraZenecaModerna
MyrtlefordMyrtleford Pharmacy03 5752 1288AstraZenecaModerna
TowongTallangatta Pharmacy02 6071 2418AstraZenecaModerna


Chemist Warehouse Wangaratta03 5721 2133AstraZeneca


Curtis Adam’s Pharmacy03 5721 3651AstraZenecaModerna
WangarattaRamsay Pharmacy Ovens Street03 5721 6669AstraZenecaModerna
WangarattaRamsay Pharmacy Wangaratta03 5721 5055AstraZenecaModerna
WangarattaRobertson’s Pharmacy03 5722 3333AstraZenecaModerna
WodongaGood Price Pharmacy Warehouse Wodonga02 6056 8522AstraZenecaModerna
WodongaTerry White Chemists Wodonga02 6024 1710AstraZenecaModerna
WodongaUnited Chemists Wodonga02 6009 0227AstraZenecaModerna
YackandandahTangam Pharmacy02 6073 0605AstraZenecaModerna
YackandandahYackandandah Pharmacy02 6027 1211AstraZenecaModerna


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