Vaccine providers in North West Victoria

Vaccine providers in North West Victoria

Note: This page is updated monthly - last update 2 November 2022.

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General practices

LocationPractice NamePhoneAvailablevaccines
IrympleIrymple Medical Centre03 5024 5746InfluenzaPfizer
MerbeinMerbein Family Medical Practice03 5025 2511InfluenzaPfizer
MilduraBedside Manor03 5023 6900Influenza
MilduraDeakin Medical Centre03 5022 1488InfluenzaPfizer
MilduraLime Medical Clinic03 5023 5122InfluenzaPfizer
MilduraLiving Rock Medical Centre03 5021 5152InfluenzaPfizer
MilduraOntario Family Practice03 5021 1688Influenza
MilduraOntario Medical Clinic03 5023 7311InfluenzaPfizer
MilduraOnyx Medical Centre03 5022 9104Influenza
MilduraSilverline Health Care03 5055 5000InfluenzaPfizerModernaPaediatric PfizerModerna Bivalent
OuyenMallee Track Medical Centre03 5092 1168Influenza
Red CliffsRed Cliffs Medical Centre03 5024 1116Influenza
Red CliffsSunraysia Medical Centre03 5062 4050InfluenzaPfizer
RobinvaleRobinvale District Medical Centre03 5026 1744InfluenzaPfizer
Sea LakeSea Lake Medical Practice03 5070 2118Influenza
Swan HillSwan Hill Medical Group03 5033 1711InfluenzaNovavax
Swan HillSwan Hill Primary Health Medical Centre03 5033 9900InfluenzaPfizer


Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations

MilduraMallee District Aboriginal Services03 5018 4100PfizerPaediatric Pfizer

Swan Hill

Mallee District Aboriginal Services Swan Hill03 5032 8600PfizerPaediatric Pfizer



LocationPharmacy namePhoneAvailablevaccines


Irymple Pharmacy03 5024 6000Influenza
Lake BogaLake Boga Pharmacy03 5037 2733InfluenzaModerna Bivalent
MerbeinKeens Pharmacy03 5025 2383InfluenzaPfizer
MilduraAdvantage Pharmacy Ontario Mildura03 5021 1219Influenza
MilduraChemist Warehouse Mildura03 5023 2383InfluenzaModerna Bivalent
MilduraDirect Chemist Outlet Mildura03 5023 7757InfluenzaModernaModerna Bivalent
MilduraMy Chemist Mildura03 5023 1844Influenza
MilduraPriceline Pharmacy Mildura03 5023 1003InfluenzaModernaModerna BivalentPfizer
MilduraTerry White Chemmart Mildura03 5021 2161InfluenzaModernaModerna BivalentPfizer
OuyenOuyen Pharmacy03 5092 2542InfluenzaModernaModerna Bivalent

Red Cliffs

Flanagan and Poole Red Cliffs03 5024 1441Influenza

Red Cliffs

Terrywhite Chemmart Red Cliffs03 5024 1441NovavaxPaediatric PfizerModerna BivalentPfizer
RobinvalePisasales Robinvale Pharmacy03 5026 3253InfluenzaModerna
Swan HillMarraboor Pharmacy03 5032 2192InfluenzaModerna BivalentPfizer
Swan HillPriceline Pharmacy Swan Hill03 5032 2838InfluenzaModernaModerna Bivalent